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Private school vs Government school

Private school vs Government school

Private school

Private schools provide greater facilities for a child’s physical and mental growth. They are providing the necessary facilities for learners to study their lessons more effectively. The infrastructure also assist them in adopting a practical educational approach. Private institutions develop a holistic approach to children’s psychological development. Private schools have good hygiene and environments, which can protect learners’ health.
Private schools provide superior sporting activities and facilities for the children’s physical development.
With the introduction of computers into the learning process, private school education has become more audio-visual.

government school

Government schools are inexpensive and then provide the minimal amount of infrastructure to meet students’ basic needs.
Students from low-income families are not accepted into private schools. Everyone has the right to education, and government schools offer education to all students without discrimination. Children in public schools have access to basic sporting venues. Private schools are unable to compete with governmental schools in terms of the fundamental academic requirements of their staffs.
Public organizations also pay well for their teaching and management staff.


Private institutes are undoubtedly superior to public schools in terms of infrastructure, teacher-to-student ratio, clean and sanitary facilities, and a better atmosphere for kids with opportunities for personality development and extracurricular activities. Although government schools may not be able to provide all of these benefits, for those who cannot afford good schools, enrolling their children in government schools is preferable to none at all.

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